Nani Mahiki

Mauna KeaNani Mahiki


Nani Mahiki

The Hawai’ian Islands were divided in regions like different pieces of a pie: every province/region had access to resources of the sea, the land and the mountains. The Koa-tree is indigenous tree that has been the source for many canoes sailing on the ocean.

During many ages different tree were imported and planted. Also plants there were not suitable for the long-term: like the mangrove tree (banyan) is taking up too much water for the land, and dried up many resources of water in the mountains.

Close to the mountain Mauna Kea Punahele Andrade, our Kumu Hula, has started with bringing back the Koa-trees on his land. The name of his land is Nani Mahiki which means beautiful Mahiki (that is the region where the land is).

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