Navigate Colour

Navigating and the sailing canoes

In the old days travelling on the sea requested a lot of knowledge on connecting to elements in nature like stars, sun and moon, different currents and the weather. The navigators especially were assigned to this task and had a deep connection and respect for the ocean and its richness.

In these days only a few navigators are left that had a lifetime of training. To pass on this knowledge and respect for the ocean to new generations, educational programs started on the Makali’i. The Hokule’a is making a trip around the world, travelling as it was like in the old days.

Besides passing on knowledge to a new generation, a different purpose is to raise awareness on how important water is in a human life. And also for scientific reason many specialist travel along to gather data for various researches.Makalii

During our volunteer trips we help to maintain the seaworthy canoes and support the Polynesian Voyaging Society (

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